SQYX Application To Canada For Legal Counsel Funding

A Matter Of Imminent Peril For EIIR Canada
Submitted To The Immediate Attention And Response Of Canada Prime Minister Rt Hon Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Specifically - And, Including August 2013 Submissions To The UNSC And UN Credentials Committee Re EIIR Canada - Preliminary Disclosure To ICC
Alleged Historical & Prevailing Cultural Genocide
As Related To Indigenous Peoples (CSSP) Land Title Claims
2013 Complaint Information As Led To The International Criminal Court (ICC) Office Of The Prosecutor – Unresolved Land Titles Disputes As Related To The 2015 Final Report Of The Truth And Reconciliation Commission; namely, but not limited to Cultural Genocide … Fundamental Entitled Human, Civil And Political Right To Adequate EIIR Canada Funding ForCompetent Legal Counsel Of Choice – As Recognized By Elizabeth II Via The 2005 Correspondence Exchange With Ralph Charles Goodwin – As Copied To The Governor General Of Canada And The Federal Government Of The Day.
As Provided For By Custom and International Law
This Petition, Herein, Solicits EIIR Canada To Proceed To Provide Said Legal Counsel To Shqwi'qwal Ralph Charles Goodwin Yuxwuletun (SQYX), Supra, Forthwith In The Matter Now Set By The Law Society Of BC (LSBC) Before Supreme Court Of BC Justice Greyell For December 2015. Based Upon 2009  Amicus Curiae via the Lawyers Rights Watch And Amnesty International to the Inter-American Commission On Human Rights (IACHR) In The Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group (HTG) versus Canada In The Land Claim Dispute. The LSBC Is Seeking SQYX Incarceration. LSBC And Justice Greyell Have Refused To Submit A Treaty Establishing EIIR Original Jurisdiction To Hold Court.
Shqwi'qwal Ralph Charles Yuxwuletun Goodwin (SQYX) has been an active legal information advocate in matters of human, civil and political rights as related to custom, domestic and international laws and justice conventions since 1975. These activities are encouraged by letters (Jan/May 1984) from Canada's Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Hon Mark MacQuigan - specifically : (14.5.84)"You will be pleased to know that your Committee's (Touchstone) objectives to increase public knowledge of administrative law and to ensure public accessibility to justice and the law are consistent with the objectives of our new programs" ... (9.1.84) "Your (Goodwin/ Touchstone) letter ... public ... accessibility to justice and administrative law ... I have been personally interested in these matters for a long time ... implementing the terms of Access To Information Act ... Thank you  ... for your interest and concern, and best of luck in your endeavour". Such matters of integrity of law and justice was further exemplified by the Goodwin successful and unanimous appeal to the (13.2.85) Federal Court of Appeals Tribunal against the Justice Dubinsky EI decision (J. Dubinsky wrote to Goodwin : "To Ralph Goodwin; On An Excellent Presentation Of A Case Before An Umpire; With A Tremendously Well Prepared Brief"); which, again, on a further appeal was heard before Minster Justice James Jerome - who provided Goodwin unconditional right of additional right to file written argument to augment the 3-hour oral submissions. And, (11.6.87) Canada AG & MOJ Hon Ray Hnatyshyn wrote to Goodwin/Touchstone Committee : "re Your request that legislation providing for uniform procedures before all federal administrative hearings be introduced into Parliament ... I can assure you that (supra) ... is one in which I and the government are very interested ... the Citizen's Code of Regulatory Fairness is based upon the government's fundamental commitment to openness, fairness, efficiency and accountability ... I appreciate receiving your views on the matter ".

In 2006, Canada Department Of Justice Counsel and the BC INAC Manager agreed to withdraw from a all-parties hearing claim to regulate a lease of land as held in sovereign title by Quw'utsun Kwa'mutsun nation state citizen Cecilia Alphonse where there is no valid treaty in favour of Canada ... To date there is no lease agreement in place on lands occupied by EIIR Canada for a open sewage lagoon since 1949 ... on which Cecilia Alphonse directly received monies for the conditional occupation ... on her terms only. Goodwin was the primary negotiator for the tripartite CSSP families with standing property titles ... all parties attended with legal counsel (Peter Lockhart Gordon sat with Goodwin as second chair).

Today (Nov 2015) the Law Society of BC has received a SCBC J. Greyell 2013 decision that Goodwin/SQYX has breached the Legal Professions Act BC. Goodwin/SQYX's residence is on the not-treatied consecutively settled sovereign Peoples' nation state Quw'utsun Kwa'mutsun territories (as claimed by EIIR Canada as a federally regulated reserve - in absence of treaty). Goodwin/SQYX - as a shqwi'qwal/speaker is advised by absolute monarchs across Turtle Island North territories to advocate on behalf of these standing sovereign nation states through custom and international laws.

Goodwin/SQYX's General Legal Counsel - Professor Emeritus SFU Marvin Stark, Federal QC - has provided daily legal strategies mentoring to Goodwin/SQYX since 1975 - and, has continued to advocate against treaty in favour of trade agreements with foreign parties. In 2000, Goodwin/SQYX established a sovereign (grandfathered by President Clinton in 1996) international banking agreement with the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma (PBO); Professor Stark and RCMP D Deimling (organized crime division) sat on Goodwin/SQYX's company's board; and, both agreed that the PBO agreement was not in conflict with existing law. RCMP Deimling traveled with Goodwin/SQYX to England (where we were met with by US security cleared Professor F Hitt) to investigate and close down an international organized criminal group involved in blood diamonds black marketing.

In Truth and Siem'stum

Huy'ch'qu' / merci / thank you / miigwich
Shqwi'qwal Ralph Charles Yuxwuletun Goodwin
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